The two-hour bike-fit consultation at Cycling Physiotherapy Centre commences with identifying your goals for the session, a discussion of your medical history and current lifestyle, and a physical assessment of your posture, strength, flexibility and core stability.

A combination of static and dynamic measurements are then used to analyse your riding position in relation to the findings from the physical assessment.

Based upon the assessment findings any necessary adjustments are made to the position of your cleats, seat and handlebars, with ongoing dynamic analysis using the world-leading Retul 3D Motion Capture system.

If necessary your riding position is also assessed at a range of power outputs as posture and pedalling technique can vary throughout the range of power production.

At the completion of the session, once your bike-fit has been matched to your current cycling fitness level and goals, a final recording of your cycling position is made from both the left and right sides, as well as precise measurements of the bike.

You will then receive this comprehensive bike-fit report by email, enabling you to easily and accurately transfer the measurements to another bike, or to simply share with your riding buddies.

If necessary, a Physiotherapy treatment program is developed to address any physical issues that have been identified during the session, and this may include periodic follow-up appointments for hands-on treatment, or to review your exercise program or your bike-fit.