So that you can get the most out of your bike fit consultation please read the following information carefully. You will need to bring your:

  • Bike
  • Cycling Shoes
  • Cycling Knicks
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel

The physical assessment and motion analysis is easiest if you wear a sleeveless jersey or singlet that is well fitted.

Please also note:

  • The rear tyre of your bike MUST have a slick central tread to operate on our indoor trainer – if you need a bike-fit on a cyclocross, gravel or mountain bike we have a 10-speed rear wheel with a slick tyre and 12mm thru-axle that can be fitted to your bike during the bike-fit.
  • The heat generated in your back tyre due to friction whilst cycling on the indoor trainer may cause a blowout of old tyres or tubes that have puncture repair patches. Please check your rear tyre and tube and replace if there are signs of damage.
  • The cleat screws on your cycling shoes must be clean and able to be easily loosened to allow for adjustment. If you think your cleats need replacement please bring along a new pair to be fitted during the session.
  • Please check that the heads of the screws on your seat-post clamp, seat-rail clamp, head-stem and handlebar clamp have not been stripped as this will mean that they will not be able to be adjusted.
  • The majority of disc-brake equipped bikes with 12mm thru-axles can be fitted onto our indoor trainer with our adaptor axles – if you are unsure then please discuss this issue with me directly.
  • The gears and chain of your bike must be free of any recently applied wet chain lubricants – this just helps to keep our carpet clean!