Professional cyclists benefit from daily physical therapy during a race, and it is essential to prevent and treat injuries by releasing muscle tightness, restoring the natural mobility and alignment of the spine and joints, and promoting healing and recovery through stimulation of blood and lymphatic flow.

These same benefits can be experienced by cyclists of all ages and abilities, and depending upon the issue you require treatment for I utilise Physiotherapy techniques including massage, joint mobilisation, myofascial release, assisted stretching and dry needling.

Exercise Therapy

Cycling is a time-intensive sport and most cyclists that I treat prioritise time on the bike over ‘cross-training’ such as core stability or flexibility exercises. However,  there are very real benefits that can be achieved from a personalised off-bike exercise program, ensuring that you have the mobility to sustain an optimal riding position as well as the stability to act as a foundation for effective power production and fatigue resistance.