Reach your Cycling Potential and Ride at Your Best

At Cycling Physiotherapy Centre you can be confident that you will receive professional guidance and treatment from a therapist with a unique combination of clinical and cycling experience.

As a Physiotherapist with experience in Melbourne’s leading clinics, a Certified Retul bike fitter, and an avid cyclist since childhood, Lucas Owen combines his professional understanding of how to prevent and treat injuries and optimise physical performance with a comprehensive personal understanding of the dynamics and demands of cycling.

With this unique perspective Lucas is able to select the ideal combination of physiotherapy treatment, therapeutic exercise, and bike fitting to ensure that you get the best out of both your body and your bike.

So whether you ride a bike on-road or off-road, for recreation or racing, for commuting or competing, you can be confident that with Cycling Physiotherapy Centre you will receive expert care to assist you to reach your cycling goals.

Professional Care for:

  • Knee, hip and lower back pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Foot or hand pain and numbness
  • Pedalling and postural asymmetry
  • Tendinopathy and overuse injuries
  • Muscle soreness and cramps
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